Nothing but the best in training, technology and sports medicine at the Olympic Training Center

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From the Denver Post news item:

It’s not just about training, it’s also about providing America’s Olympic athletes the best in sports physiology, sports medicine, psychology and nutrition.

“We always talk about a 1 percent difference, how we can create a 1 percent gap with respect to international competition,” says Mounir Zok, director of technology and innovation for the USOC. “This (gap) is usually the difference between the gold medal or no medal at the Olympic Games.”

Athletes use new training technology

There is an aquatic center with an underwater camera on a track that runs the length of the pool, taking video footage of swimmers whose strokes can be analyzed from multiple angles, in slow motion and frame by frame. There are six full-size courts that can be used for basketball or volleyball. There is specific training space for wrestling, fencing, gymnastics, judo, boxing and weightlifting. Off site there is an outdoor velodrome.

Boxers utilize technology that counts the number and power of their punches as they pummel a punching bag. On the day Linden ran in the high-altitude room, triathlete Erin Jones was running on a “Noraxon instrumented treadmill” in a different room with “joint markers” collecting data from her strides. High-speed video and foot-strike measurements provided data for 3-D gait analysis.

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